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Pachmarhi, the crown jewel of the Central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful hill station, in the Satpura Mountain Ranges, perched at an altitude of 1067 metres, with Dhoopgurh Hill, being the highest point in the Satpura Range, at an altitude of 1350 m. It is not only the highest point of Pachmarhi but also the highest point of Madhya Pradesh and Central India. Pachmarhi is a large plateau, surrounded by towering hills of the Satpura range, covering it from all sides, giving it a saucer like shape.

Discovered in the year 1860 or so, by Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers, who was on pursuit of the small groups of Maratha freedom fighters, from the 1857 rebellion, found himself 3500 feet above the sea level.

After he went back to the plains, Captain Forsyth suggested that Pachmarhi be used as a sanatorium for the exhausted and depressed British Troops who were feeling homesick, as the rolling grasslands and the beautiful meadows and valleys, had a semblance to the British and Scottish countryside.

By the year 1890, the first Church was constructed in Pachmarhi, which still stands today. The first building that was built in Pachmarhi, the Bison Lodge, still stands today and serves as a museum for all the tourists. By the early 1900’s a cantonment came up in Pachmarhi, which today, as the Army Education Core, is the foremost training school for the Army Band. About the same time, the Pachmarhi Officers Club came up and the beautiful Golf Course, which necklaces Greendale from three sides. Pachmarhi still retains the old world charm of a bygone era and remains lost in time.

It remains the only hill station with a distinction of being situated in the middle of a Tiger Reserve (notified area) and the Biosphere Reserve. It therefore offers the visitors a rare glimpse into a rare and diverse flora and fauna, with Wildlife, Birding, Trekking, Mountaineering and Camping as activities, in addition to the many sightseeing options, leaving something for everyone to choose from.