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Also referred to as the Fairies Pool, this is a small waterfall of crystal clear water, emanating from a cave, with a gentle fall, finally opening ito a shallow pool, wherein one can splash about and swim. The waters are crystal clear and cool. The pool is in a vally with about 300 feet descent, which is now a very convenient walk as a stairway has been built to facilitate the descent and ascent. The name of the pool came to be, as once it was favourite with the British, who loved day picnics at the spot. The British ladies used to swim about in the pool and to the natives the fair skinned ladies appeared to be fairies and thus came about the name Apsara Vihar. The valley is home to a wide variety of Ferns, growing all across the hill face and also many medicinal herbs. As one walks down, the abundance of the plant variety, as also the birds and the butterflies, would pleasantly surprise you. The valley remains shaded from sunlight for most part of the day and hence remains cool and pleasant even during the summer afternoons.