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Coffee and Pine Plantation of Pachmarhi

What would a Hill Station be, without a Pine Forest

Yes, Pachmarhi has its very own… and an exceptionally beautiful and romantic one at that…

About the year 1989-1991, extensive plantation of Pine Trees was undertaken round about the lake and the area below Ravishankar Bhawan, adjacent to the Airstrip.

The “Khasi Pine”, known to be able to survive the “Non-Himalayan” climates, was chosen for the same.

The plantation continued for about three years or so, before being discontinued.

Today, almost 30 years later, as we drive towards the Rajendra Giri, from the Bharat Scouts and Guides Camp area, or towards Dhoopgarh from the Convent side, one drives along, what could be amongst the most beautiful pine plantation one can find, in a “Non-Himalayan” territory.

The lost Coffee Plantations of Satpuras…

Not many of us would be aware of the fact that many years ago, in an era bygone, Coffee had been planted extensively in many parts of the Satpura Hills. Today, two of these plantations not only survive, but are thriving in the wild. The first one is a Kukru, Khamla, Betul District and the Second one is located at Panarpani, near Pachmarhi. This coffee plantation has spread across the terrain, thanks to ideal weather conditions and protection of the STR Management.