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Reechgarh are amongst the most beautiful rock formations one may come across, forming a huge cavern with tall and massive openings on both sides. As the early British settlers referred to it as the Ridge, the name localised into Reechgarh. However, also as per some local folklores, a massive Bear inhabited the cave once and therefrom, originated the name Reechgarh. Whatever the true origins as regards the name, the cavern does offer an ideal habitat and shelter for Bears, with numerous small tunnels, from which cool breeze blows in, keeping the cavern cool and fresh. The cavern extends well over 400 feet in length with over a 100 to 200 feet tall ceilings, which opens out on both ends. There is also an echo point at Reechgarh, with a beautiful view of the Dhoopgarh hills and the valleys below, with lovely Sal forests.