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Trekking: Pachmarhi, to those who have explored the valleys, on foot, have in their words, been full of unparalleled beauty and surprise, with flora and fauna like the best of the rain forests. Ferns of all kinds and a diverse treeline and exotic plants, unmatched in beauty and also their medicinal qualities, fill the mountainside. It is believed in the local folklore that lord Hanumaan, when he was flying back from the Himalayas with the Sanjeewani herb hill, lost his balance midair leading to a lot of the herbs getting scattered across the hillside. The beautiful sandstone hills of Satpura are a source to hundreds of small streams and rivulets which flow downhill and merge into the river Denwa and river Tawa. Pachmarhi hills offers a myriad of trails to the trekking enthusiasts, which even during the summer months remain cool and pleasant and offer spectacularly beautiful views of the hills, meadows and the valleys.