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Pachmarhi lies in the middle of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, The Satpura hills are home to a variety of wildlife, in opulence and abundance. The guests from Pachmarhi can enjoy Morning and Evening Wildlife / Tiger Safari from Pachmarhi, on perhaps the most beautiful wilderness trail, starting from Panarpani, also known as the Butterfly Pool, up till the beautiful forest outpost of Neemghan, a lovely grassland about 20 km away, created after a village was relocated out of the reserve, some years ago. The drive takes you through the towering Satpura Mountains and through valleys with rivulets almost at every corner and through a beautiful coffee plantation. The views one encounters during the drives are stunning, to say the least. And then, of course there is the Wildlife. Herbivores like the Bison, Sambhar and Bluebull, Cheetal and numerous other antelopes can be seen grazing across the hillsides and the valleys. As you approach Neemghan, the landscape turns into a plateau grassland and that is where the Big Cats await you. The Tiger sightings Neemghan are regular exciting.